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Class Materials List  - JAS Studio

  • Small Sketchbook

  • Compressed charcoal for preliminary sketches 

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Pastel set – Soft or hard pastels.  DO NOT USE OIL PASTELS.  Student-level sets okay – should contain variety of darks & lights   Richeson, Nupastel, Rembrandt, Faber Castell sets are good. 

  • Sanded paper (UArt, 400 grit, 9x12”, natural not dark).  A pad of 10 or single sheets Uart  We will use 1 sheet for each lesson. DO NOT PURCHASE OTHER PAPER.   Purchase online from Blick, Jerrys Artarama or Cheap Joe's online art supply stores.

  • Drawing board, foam core board, or any rigid surface to go under the sanded paper - larger than 9 x 12

  • 1” tape (blue painters tape best) to attach paper to the board

  • 1” flat brush (inexpensive) for underpainting

  • Optional: Single sticks of dark pastels since many sets dont contain darks: Nupastel blue violet (244) bottle green (298), spruce blue (305)

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