"Release Your Inner Artist" Instruction

group classes, workshops, and private lessons


In response to the coronavirus pandemic, I have opened my doors to virtual art classes. Being at home is an opportunity to sign up for remote art classes to stimulate your creative spirit or try something different.  Currently offered through Concord Art Association, Post Road Art Center, and Marblehead Art Association. I also offer private online classes from my studio. - Contact me on my Contact page on this website.  Commuting is no longer an obstacle!

Whether onsite or virtual, these classes are designed for aspiring artists who want to learn a technique that will help "jump-start" their creativity.  As a lifelong educator and practicing artist with a degree in Art Education, I am passionate about this workshop and love helping others overcome their fears about starting a painting.  


Using pastels, I guide participants to simplify what they see and capture the essence of their subject by focusing on the darks, lights, and mid-tones.  Through a series of images that are more and more in-focus, each participant will create what initially looks like an abstraction but gradually evolves into something more familiar. Participants are delighted with the result!

Although geared toward individuals with a minimal art background,  experienced artists have also enjoyed and benefited from this unique program. The concepts and strategies taught can be applied to oil, acrylics, pastel, watercolor and any art medium.

Class formats include: multiclass sessions,  1-2 day workshops, 2-hr intro workshops, private lessons

Now offering Zoom Online classes!
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