"Release Your Inner Artist" Instruction

group classes, workshops, and private lessons

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Whether onsite or virtual, these classes are designed for aspiring and experienced artists who want to learn a technique that will help "jump-start" their creativity.  As a lifelong educator and practicing artist with a degree in Art Education, I am passionate about helping others overcome their fears about starting a painting and sharing techniques to improve painting. 


Using pastels, I guide participants to simplify what they see and capture the essence of their subject by focusing on the darks, lights, and mid-tones. Although geared toward individuals with a minimal art background,  experienced artists have also enjoyed and benefited from this unique program. The concepts and strategies taught can be applied to oil, acrylics, pastel, watercolor and any art medium.


Class formats include: multiclass sessions,  1-2 day workshops, 2-hr introductory workshops, private lessons. 



April - Aug 2022

MONDAYS,  1:30-4:30 pm,  Apr 25- May 23 (5 wks) 
"Painting Your Vision Using Great Reference Photos" - ONLINE

Concord Art Association, Concord MA

FRIDAYS, 2-4 pm, May 13 - June 3  (5 wks) 

"Finding Beauty in the Urban World with Pastels" -  ONLINE

Currier Museum, Manchester, NH

WEDNESDAYS,  2-4 pm, July 6-27  (4 wks)

:"Integrating Figures into Your Composition with Pastels" -  ONLINE

Glastonbury Art Guild

For more information or to register, click here or call 860-659-1196 

SATURDAY, May 21,  1-DAY WORKSHOP, 10 am  - 4 pm

"Field of Dreams: Painting Flowers with Pastels".- ONSITE-IN PERSON!

Post Road Art Center,  1 Boston Post Rd E, Marlborough, MA

SATURDAY, June 11, 1-DAY WORKSHOP, 10 am  - 3 pm

"Plein Air Pastel Painting", Salem MA.- IN PERSON (location TBD)

JAS Studio, Salem MA

SATURDAY, June 17, 1-DAY WORKSHOP, 10 am  - 4 pm

"Synchrony of Nature & Architecture".- ONSITE- IN PERSON

Concord Art Association,  Concord MA

WED & THURS, Aug 3-4,  2-DAY WORKSHOP, 10 am  - 4 pm

"Plein Air Pastels Made Easy".- ONSITE- IN PERSON

Concord Art Association,  Concord MA

What people are saying...

I just want to thank you. You have taught me so much about drawing, composition, value, perspective and most importantly how to use pastels. I was working on a piece for this class and realized how far I’ve come since the first class I took in the fall a year ago. I have really enjoyed your classes.   Amy, Nov 2021

Janet is an outstanding teacher.   She provides clear step-by-step instructions as well as individualized guidance.  I feel my pastel paintings have improved in quality and are more interesting since taking lessons from Janet."   Jill, Apr 2021


Many thanks for your wonderful teaching in this last class as well as all the others I have taken with you through the pandemic.  You inspire us to be better, to push through our frustrations.  You guide us with much skill, compassion and humor.  Your passion for pastel painting and for teaching infuses your classes.    Janis,  Apr 2021

Sample student work.png

SAMPLE STUDENT WORK: (left to right): Pam Grimes, Jill Johnson,  Elaine Lebrecque, Janis Rothbard